Velo™ 3L Hydration Vest

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With the Flexx 1.5-liter hydration system fully integrated, the minimalist Velo pack has everything you need—and nothing you don't—to stay optimally hydrated on lightweight runs, rides and hikes.

Lightweight hydration.

Integrated Mix Dial Mount

The Mix Dial clips into a dedicated mount on the shoulder straps for seamless use.

Adjustable Sternum Strap

Adjustable sternum strap provides a customized fit.

Wear your hydration like a second skin. With an ergonomic, low-profile design, the Velocity pack hugs your body and moves with you bounce-free. The adjustable sternum strap locks in the perfect fit. High-performance shoulder straps are strategically stiffened in key areas to increase comfort and stability. It’s the next best thing to running naked (without a pack, that is).

Daisy Chain Attachments

Daisy chain attachment loops expand carrying capacity.

Internal Essentials Pocket

Separate storage for your keys, phone, wallet or other essentials.

Integrated Flexx technology.

The Velo vest comes with the Flexx 1.5L hydration system fully integrated. It delivers on-the-go access to your water, supplement mix or a customizable blend of both to dial in your hydration and nutrition needs at every point in your adventure. So if the conditions or your exertion levels change, your hydration can too. Always balanced, always optimized.

Explore Flexx™ 1.5 Liter

Universal Compatibility

With two available volumes and a universal design, the Flexx hydration system works with virtually every hydration-compatible pack on the market—from lightweight sleeves and vests to full-size backpacks.

0.75-liter Mix Reservoir

A dedicated reservoir for your electrolyte mix or other supplement of choice lets you stay dialed into the moment instead of fumbling for extra bottles. Reservoirs are reversible and top-rack dishwasher safe.

0.75 Liter Water Reservoir

The Flexx has a primary reservoir for your water.

Mix Dial

The Mix Dial mounts to your shoulder strap. It lets you switch from your water to your supplement to a blend of both. Turn the dial to adjust the ratio for the perfect mix.

Dual Reservoir

Carry your water and supplements in a single system.

Mix Dial

Switch from water to your supplement to the perfect mix of both—on the fly.

Easy to Clean

Every component of the Flexx was thoughtfully designed for easy cleaning.

Universal Compatibility

Designed for lightweight sleeves and vests but compatible with virtually all hydration packs.

Hydration without interruption.

If you have to stop everything and fumble for bottles in your bag or bike frame, chances are you aren’t drinking as often as you should. The Flexx offers on-the-go access to your water, supplement, or the optimal mix of both—so you can dial into optimal hydration while staying dialed into the moment.

Designed for easy cleaning.

No mold, no gunk. Every component of the Flexx was thoughtfully designed for easy cleaning. The reservoirs can be flipped inside out, thrown in the top rack of the dishwasher, then set out to dry. And since they’re reversible they'll dry completely every time. The Mix Dial disengages for easy rinsing and the tubing can be flushed clean with hot water.

Reservoirs are reversible and dishwasher safe.

Mix Dial disengages for easy rinsing.

Add to the adventure.


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