Inventing a better way to hydrate.ย 

MXXY was born on the trails of Marin County, California. Growing up there we spent our days hiking, biking and runningโ€”endlessly inspired by the natural beauty of this wild and wonderful place.

While out adventuring, we learned that electrolytes and other supplements played a big role in helping us feel and perform our best. But fumbling for extra bottles was a distraction, and putting supplements directly into our reservoirs left us without access to pure waterโ€”and a gunky mess to clean when we got home.

What we really wanted was a way to keep our hydration dialed without detracting from our experiences. The technology didnโ€™t exist so we decided to create it. Today, that ideaโ€”that dreamโ€”of optimal, interruption-free hydration is MXXY and weโ€™re honored to share it with the world.

But MXXY isnโ€™t just about hydration. Itโ€™s about the hard-won achievements, epic experiences and pure fun you can tap into when youโ€™re fully immersed in the moment and functioning at your highest potential, whatever that may be. Because at MXXY, thatโ€™s what we really live for.

Welcome to the adventure.

Drew Dawson

Co-founder & CEO

Nicolas Belgum

Co-founder & CTO